Organic Cooking: Eating Well

“300 Simple Organic Gourmet Recipes for a Healthier Life”

Would you like to be healthier? Are you looking for quick and easy recipes that are also healthy? Are you tired of cooking the same old meals, week after week? Would you like to be a gourmet chef, but think it is too difficult? Are you wondering what to do with some of the interesting or exotic foods you have seen at your local organic market? Are you trying to avoid pesticides, and other poisonous and artificial ingredients, in your food? Well, if your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then Organic Cooking: Eating Well is for you!

You are probably either already a part of the four percent of our country’s citizens who regularly consume organic foods, or you are about to become part of the organic revolution — as this is the most rapidly growing segment of our food-eating population. Many of you are in a transitional phase, and this book will lead you in the right direction on the path to truly eating well.

“Eating well” is eating healthy, and no way of eating can really be healthy unless it is based on the finest organic ingredients. This book is more than an ordinary cookbook — it is actually a longevity and healthy lifestyle guide. The original, organic gourmet recipes it contains are designed to produce wellness, which goes hand in hand with longevity. Many of today’s chronic and acute illnesses can be prevented, and even reversed, through the proper food choices and cooking methods — and that includes organic cooking and eating.